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Neighborhood Parks Improvements

Managed by Chicago Park District

Data last updated on Aug 23, 2023

The Chicago Recovery Plan is enabling investment in neighborhood park improvements, including beautification, expansion of recreation, and accessibility.

Goals of the program include:

  • Chicago Splash projects: replacement of aged water features and infrastructure to provide new play features while also removing lead lines and improving water conservation.
  • Vacant Lot Pocket Parks: transform vacant lots into pocket parks with fencing, lighting, benches and landscape. Develop park program with local community stakeholders.
  • Youth Sport Artificial Turf Fields: construct new artificial turf fields to enhance program offerings to local youth. Scope to include football/soccer or baseball based on local demand. Turf fields are increasingly popular as they expand program time on fields otherwise closed due to wet conditions.
  • Pickleball Mania: to meet the growing popular demand for pickleball, build new pickleball courts across the city while also refurbishing existing tennis courts.

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