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Assistance to Families


Understand families’ needs and connect them with critical resources to improve health outcomes and increase opportunities, including case grants, legal assistance, broadband and water accessibility, workforce development, and navigation services for families, students, and underserved populations.


Recent Updates

5,000+ households are receiving $500 monthly payments under the $31.5 million Chicago Resilient Communities monthly cash assistance pilot, which is now fully enrolled.

Launched 2-1-1 health and social service information and referral system with assistance available via phone, webchat, text messaging, and a searchable online database.

Provided legal services to 2,500 individuals in 2022 through the CRP-supported Community Justice Initiative and Legal Protection Fund.

Held “Know Your Rights” workshops for 28,000+ people in 2022 through the Community Justice Initiative and the Legal Protection Fund.

Engaged 385 residents across 17 Digital Equity Council workshops and published a Citywide Digital Equity Plan with recommendations to address barriers to digital equity, availability and affordability of current options, ability to pay, and digital literacy needs.

Over 400 residents enrolled in a newly-launched City Colleges apprenticeship/training programs in 2022 for careers in Transportation, Delivery and Logistics; healthcare; manufacturing; and education.

Up Next

Reach 16,000 residents through the Community Justice Initiative’s Know Your Rights workshops in 2023.

Provide legal services to at least 500 people in 2023 through the Legal Protection Fund.

Address water reconnection issues in 200 homes across Chicago.

Hire and deploy 150 Community Health Response Corps members through 11 community-based organizations to help residents access economic and social programs and health resources.

Zinida, CRCP Recipient

Zinida | Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot Recipient

I still can’t believe that I’m a part of this. You know, I’ve cried and thanked God more than a few times for this blessing. We all work so hard around here, and it’s all for the greatest cause in my life – for my kids. It will be so nice to get some extra quality time with them before they are all grown.

Zinida | Chicago Resilient Communities Pilot Recipient


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