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Violence Prevention


Investments to reduce violence through outreach, diversion, victim support, and intervention services as well as support for victims of gender-based violence and initiatives to improve City coordination strategies and response methods which address root causes such as mental health or lack of employment opportunities.

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Recent Updates

Launched six high-risk intervention teams across eight communities to ensure a coordinated response to incidents by conducting weekly shooting reviews, addressing hotspots, and expanding pathways to direct services and referrals for individuals most impacted and most at risk of violence.

Brought mental health skills training to over 250 street outreach workers, youth serving staff, medical providers, faith leaders and other leaders from ten communities most affected by violence to equip them with the skills to recognize the signs and provide immediate support to individuals experiencing trauma as a result of gun violence.

Launched The Ripple Effect, a campaign to honor the lives lost to gun violence and bring awareness to the secondary effects of violence, sparking a conversation among Chicagoans and generating over 15 million social media and radio impressions and 800,000 social media video views.

Launched the Home and Business Protection Program (HBPP) to help Chicago residents and business owners obtain outdoor security cameras, lighting, and GPS trackers to protect their property and feel safe.

The Place-Based Violence Interventions program continues to support our community-based partners during the summer by providing safe space activation support and prioritizing infrastructure requests from our 15 target communities. Infrastructure requests include improving street and alley lighting, removing graffiti, cleaning and fencing vacant lots, and addressing abandoned buildings.

Expanded Service Coordination and Navigation (SCaN) program from 20 to 31 communities and provided comprehensive case management services to youth at the highest risk of violence.

The Victim Support Funding Program, in collaboration with the Community Safety Coordination Center (CSCC), is working to expand supports to victims of serious violence, especially gun-related violent injury.

Launched the Legal Services program for Gender-Based Violence (GBV) survivors in October 2022.

Launched Rapid Rehousing program for GBV survivors in November 2022 with an accelerated moving event.

Launched the largest emergency cash relief program for GBV survivors in the country, with the goal of serving 4,600 survivors with one-time $1,000 payments.

Up Next

Coordinate High Risk Intervention Teams across 15 communities and expand pathways to direct services and referrals for individuals most impacted and most at risk of violence.

Implement a new, city-wide Youth Intervention Pathways program that aims to increase connection to services for youth and families that have contact with the Chicago Police Department, and support CPD's new trauma-informed deflection policy.

Continue coordination efforts to increase the number of communities and residents being served by street outreach and victim services programs.

The CSCC is implementing a new data driven process to identify community violence issues that incorporates community voice to ensure intervention are designed to respond to communities’ unique needs and dynamics.


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