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City Infrastructure & Parks


City infrastructure spans both the digital and physical space and requires key upgrades to meet residents’ needs in the 21st century. The City plans to make investments in services that residents need and invest in spaces such as parks for them to enjoy and work in.


Recent Updates

14 Chicago Splash projects complete or underway at Park District sites across the City to install recreational water features.

Began environmental assessments of vacant lots to identify neighborhood opportunities for new and expanded pocket parks.

Began design and installation of public Wi-Fi at Chicago Park District Field Houses.

Began design on two new youth sports fields.

19 Pickleball Mania projects complete or underway at Park District sites providing renovated tennis courts and new pickleball courts.

Launched Chicago IT MOD, the City’s ambitious plan to modernize legacy IT systems by investing in new technologies that are digital first, mobile-ready, user-friendly, and more accessible, to enable a more productive and responsive way for both employees and residents to interact.

Launched Chicago Digital, an initiative led by the City’s CTO to deliver innovative products that improve resident interactions with the City of Chicago, including better city services and data transparency.

Up Next

15 Chicago Splash projects in planning and will next conduct community outreach.

Begin construction on two youth sport artificial turf fields.

Conduct local community outreach and complete public Wi-Fi expansion for at least 15 park locations.

Begin design and community outreach for vacant lots projects.

Conduct design and community outreach for another 20 Pickleball Mania projects.

Conduct in-depth assessment of the City’s website and develop a modernization roadmap that better serves our constituents via a user-experience that is accessible, mobile, and results in “no wrong doors” when looking for information, seeking services, or performing transactions with the City.


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